Demolition Block

High explosive for achieving a short detonation with high intensity being
ignited using electrical detonating primers, pyrotechnical detonating
primers or detonating cord.

Demolition Block

Technical and performance characteristics
Shape of load: body in rectangular shape
Weight of TNT charge: min. 0,225kg, 0,450kg, 1,130kg
Temperature range for use: -40°C – +50°C
Velocity of detonation: max. 7000m/s
Density: 1,54+1,58g/cmc
Marking of product: designation, lot no.

Each block is packed in a carton container, waterproofed, with metallic lids on both heads. One of them has a hole for the igniter.

The packing is made in wooden box (580x290x280), 100pcs/box (10x5x2pcs).
The box has two handles for transport. It has two hinges and two bolts.
The box will be sealed and tight with two metallic belts by 16mm.

Hazard class: 1.1D
Transport number: 0048

5 (five) years from the manufacture date in compliance with storage
conditions for explosive materials.

Duration of normal use in storage
10 (ten) years with possibility of extension after performing laboratory
tests and a testing plan.