Plastic Explosive

Product name: Plastic explosive marked, HITEX – M
HITEX is an explosive composition based on hexogen with plastic binder to be used to achieve explosive charge for destruction or processing works or unconventional technologies using explosives. The product is marked in accordance with Romanian Law no. 139 from June 29th, 1998.

General technical characteristics:
Shape: rectangular block
Color: gray and white
Malleability: plasticized body, malleable
Weight block: 0,225kg, 0,450kg, 1,130kg
Density: min. 1.50g/cm3
Volatile content: 6%
Insoluble in water: 0,6%
Temperature range of use: -20°C – +50°C
Storage temperature range: -20°C – +50°C
Performance characteristics:
Detonation velocity: min. 7000m/s
Hess disruptive: min. 20 mm
Trauzi excavation volume (inf.): min. 330cm3
Explosion heat: 100 – 1150 kcal/kg
Specific volume: 900 – 950 l/kg
Vacuum chemical stability: 1cm3/g
Sensitivity temperature: self-ignition > 200°C
Sensitivity to friction: with out reaction at 25kgf
Sensitivity to impact KAST (5kg): H50>0,25m
Initiation capacity: electric, non-electric or pyrotechnic primer, detonating cord

Each block in vacuum plastic wrap and labeled cardboard boxes.
20 packs in a labeled cardboard box.
On customer demand the product can be delivered and under other forms
(rolling, cylinder, etc.) and different other way of packaging.
Risc class: 1,1D
Transport number: 0457

The explosive has a warranty period of 2 years when is kept in original
packaging. The explosive has 5 years service live.